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L’artiste LAETITIA KY lance une campagne BODY POSITIVE créative sur instagram



Body positive by Laetitia KY !

Laetitia KY est une « artiste polyvalente ». Elle fait des sculptures avec ses cheveux, et aujourd’hui elle décide de lancer une campagne sur son compte intagram. Cette idée a pour but d’aider les gens qui se sentent mal dans leur peau, a se motiver et se sentir un peu mieux. Les followers partagent avec elle leurs complexes. Par la suite, elle crée des formes capillaires qui illustrent leurs histoires.

Originaire de Côte d’ivoire, elle a eu à affronter plusieurs critiques durant son adolescence, à cause de sa forme plûtot fine.

En Côte d’Ivoire, les standards de beauté sont complètement différents de ceux des pays occidentaux. Les femmes avec des formes, sont considérées comme les plus belles. J’ai toujours eu de petits seins et des fesses plus ou moins plâtes. Les gens ont parfois eu tendance à me critiquer négativement à cause de ça, surtout pendant mon adolescence où j’étais beaucoup plus mince à cause de quelques problèmes que j’avais.

#bodypositivity #bodypositive I live in Ivory Coast and there, beauty standarts are completely different from those of the western countries. Thick Women are praised and considered as the most beautiful. I always had small boobs and small booty and people used to bodyshame me especially during my teenage periode where i was thinner because of some problems that I had. "Does she eats?" "I feel like she's going to break," "she looks like she is sick" "she's awful". For the sensitive and unstable little girl I was, it was not easy. My self-confidence was low and I didnt think I could accomplish anything in my life. When I was 18, a lot of things changed for me. I have met, discovered people and experienced events that helped me to love myself as I am, and this growing self-confidence in my physicality has affected my entire life. I started to dream, to have projects and to believe that i was able to achieve them despite my limitations. Media and social networks do the apology of a particular type of woman. Flat belly, big breast, and big booty. Most of the time the photos are edited. Girls with different morphology create complexes and try desperately to achieve bodygoals sometimes unrealisable. it make me sad because I know how complexes can affect someone's life. Yes, the women who are always represented in the media are beautiful. But guess what? You are too. we all are. Beauty is Thin, thick, flat tummy or not, big boobs or not, strechmark, cellutite, bodyhair… We must understand that true beauty is a state of mind. It's about feeling good about yourself. This state of mind is always reflected in the energy we release, in our aura and gives us incredible power that allows us to achieve great things. Let's learn to be kinder to ourselves and to our body because it's our best companion. It's okay to do things to bring out the best of us (Sport, cosmetics, special diet..) but always make sure that you use healthy and not dangerous ways because health is the most precious gift. feeling good inside is just as important that feeling good outside. you deserve to be loved and respected, whatever you look like and if people around you can't do that let them go away.

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#bodypositive #bodypositivity #selflove #selfacceptance #loveyourself #booty🍑 Story by @kadia_b I have always had a “bigger” butt, especially compared to the rest of my frame. Always, since the day I was born. It never really bothered me until it started bringing attention. Unwanted attention. Attention from my mom and aunties teasing me about it for as long as I can remember, Attention from other girls in the playground gasping laughing and asking if it was bothering or too heavy, Attention from boys in middle school asking me if they could touch it or if I could twerk, And after I went through puberty, Attention from men. Now, you would think that in a society where having a large buttock is praised and worshiped thanks to people like Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj, and that I should feel lucky to have one naturally. I don’t. My body was not a trend and I had to tolerate people’s comments long before it became something likable on the eyes of the world. Growing up in Africa women with curves are considered more attractive and more beautiful, but the only thing I really felt like was objectified. That’s why I grew up hating my butt, I would wear long top to hide it and google all types of exercises to shrink it. But it never worked, because it was merely part of me. That’s when I came to the realization that the ass is not what I didn’t like, what people had to say about it, especially when no one asked, is what affected me. The unwanted attention. So I decided to stop caring, and fell in love with my body.

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Laety KY a également parlé du fait d’apprendre à aimer ses poils !

Elle a commencé à avoir des poils aux aisselles à l’âge de 11 ans…

J’étais très contente au depart parce que pour moi c’était un truc pour les grandes filles lol.

Mais après avoir été victimes de préjugés et commentaires désobligeants, pour ses poils, elle a décidé de se raser, malgré sa sensibilité cutanée.

#bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodyhair #armpithair #selflove #natural Today again i have 2 stories for you. Story by @simply.comfort I was 21 when my cousin noticed that I had this hair that had grown unnoticed. It was long. I couldn’t wait to get to a mirror and from that day I tried everything to prevent the hair from growing back; shave, thread, pluck, epilating etc. To my horror it grew back thicker and instead of one long hair, I was battling a chin full of hair, with ingrowth, scars and darker chin. A few years down the road, I have accepted that I am hairy; head full of thick kinky hair, hairy legs, underarms, chin etc. I have accepted myself so much so that my boyfriend knows about my hairy chin and we laugh about it sometimes. I remove my body hair but I no longer let it affect the relationship I have with my body. ### My own story with armpit hair: I started have armpithair at 11 and i was very happy because for me it was something for big girls lol. I was proud and didnt know that people could have plenty prejudices on it. in my adolescence i started shaving because of some nasty comments as "its disgusting" "ugly" "unsightly" "dirty" "body hair is for men". But I used to hate shaving times. its created me always small lesions and made my skin hyper sensitive. And just after when hair grow back it was unpleasant because of tingles. I was shaving the most rarely possible because it was a punishment for me. and then one day I asked to myself some questions while I were about to do so. why do i shave if I dont like to do it? Is it for me or for the others ? Do i think that body hair is ugly? No. And I know that these hair have important biological function. that's natural, it isnt dirty, and if it was only for men it would never grow on girls bodies. since this declic i dropped razor and didnt touch it again … today bodyhair, especially armpit hair are an integral part of my femininity, my sensuality and my sexuality. LOL and even if it seems weird for some, I think it's really sexy! Its okay to shave and to find that it's no attractive but it will never be okay to try to make someone else feel bad because she don't shave…

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Aujourdh’hui, elle decide de faire face à toutes ces critiques pour se sentir bien dans sa peau

Aujourd’hui, les poils du corps, surtout des aisselles font partie intégrante de ma féminité, de ma sensualité et de ma sexualité. LOL et même si ça semble bizarre pour certains, je trouve que c’est vraiment sexy !

Toutes ces frustrations sont en quelques sorte à l’origine de la création de cette campagne body positive !

Suivez @leatitiaKY sur Instagram pour voir des œuvres encore plus magnifique !

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